Jaq D Hawkins built her writing career in traditional publishing writing in the Mind, Body, Spirit category, then started releasing Fantasy Fiction in 2005. The publishing industry was starting to go through radical changes at the time and in 2011, Jaq took her fiction to the indie market.

The Goblin Trilogy grew from one book into a trilogy;
Dance of the Goblins
To Dance With Dragons
Power of the Dance Yet even though the series is complete, short stories to expand the world of the goblins continue to be added to the collection. Additional novels may surface over time.

Meanwhile, the Steampunk world created in The Wake of the Dragon is also soon to be continued in two new releases due in 2024 and 2025. A more bizarre story, The Chase For Choronzon, follows the adventures of a pair of reincarnated magicians through time and space to capture the demon Choronzon who is supposed to guard the gate between the worlds.

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