Speculative Fiction

Speculative fiction encompasses Science Fiction, Fantasy, and everything that traditionally might loosely fall into one of these categories. It is often used for works that have elements of both Fantasy and Science Fiction. The basic connection is that it is about works of fiction that make the reader think or give their imagination free reign. With that in mind...

A zany chase through time and space and between the worlds to put the universe back in order, if they live to accomplish their task!

The demon Choronzon was supposed to keep the gate between the worlds, but he has abandoned his post and it's up to two reincarnated magicians, Karl Spare and Alei-Cat, to capture him and return him to his post.

A romp through time and space takes these two unlikely heroes through some harrowing portals and surreal adventures where they meet a variety of bizarre personages along the way, but there can be only one finale to the chase for Choronzon!