Goblin Series

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Dance of the Goblins

Dance & Wolf Rider They say that the earth shifts on its axis every 200,000 years...

When the planet shifted, most of the surface dwellers were destroyed. The few pockets of survivors were left without technology and little supplies, but they built a simple feudal society on the rubble of the city.

Meanwhile the creatures in the deep places moved closer to the surface, taking over the old underground transport tunnels abandoned by the humans. Their own Shamanic way of life had survived only by staying out of sight of the humans who habitually killed what they did not understand.

Five generations of humans passed and the descendants of survivors settled into a way of life that was simple but satisfying, until one day a man wandered into one of the old tunnels...

To Dance With Dragons

To Dance With Dragons Over ten years have passed since the humans waged war with the goblins. The goblins have become invisible once more, yet the memory of their existence haunts many who remember.

A young girl flees her home and an unwanted marriage. Desperation takes her to the riverside, the site where as a toddler she was patted kindly by the goblin who had befriended Count Anton. But another memory of that day unsettles her as she pushes the small boat into the current. A memory of bubbles in the river, and of blood. There's something in the water still.

Driven by a premonition that she belongs with the people across the river, she soon meets the children of Magicians...and of goblins. Yet there are greater challenges to face.

In the midst of conflict between species, between generations, and between the ever combative northern and southern humans, a new enemy arises from over the sea. Foreign humans come to invade, expecting an easy conquest of the rich lands that Count Anton has so wisely kept productive of food supplies. The goblins see the danger of this invasion to their own uneasy peace with the familiar local humans, but they disagree among themselves as to whether they will best serve their kind by helping the surface dwellers, or by leaving all humans to kill each other once and for all.

Power of the Dance


Khemael In the anarchic world of the goblins, there is only one rule. The safety of the grotto is paramount, any who behave in ways that will bring attention from the humans or other predators must die, for the protection of all.

Yet the offspring of the half-human girl Alinea and Drazek, one of the rare winged goblins, threatens to expose them all. The humans appear to be less hostile a generation after their species was saved by the intervention of goblins in a war that pit human against human, but history shows that humans cannot be trusted and will invariably revert to the ways of prejudice and fear.

Khemael, called both Angel and Demon by the superstitious humans, is a creature of beauty and grace, with a mostly human appearance. His love of stretching his dragon-like wings and flying freely in the world of men brings far too much attention to the existence of the goblins, who long once again to be forgotten in their underground world. Haghuf, with the old ways entrenched into the very core of his being, knows that the inevitable responsibility will fall to him. He must destroy the beautiful creature who, in the world of the humans, would be called his grandson.

But there is more to Khemael than physical beauty. Those humans who encounter him are gripped in a fascination that Haghuf knows originates in their shared ancestry among the dragons. It is this natural hypnotic quality that causes humans to either love or fear him. The goblins themselves venerate him as a member of a rare, ancient species with special abilities inherent only in his kind.

To complicate the matter, King Alaric claims Khemael as kin, and refers to him as 'nephew'. To kill a relative of the king would renew hostilities between the humans and the goblins, despite the love for the goblins that Alaric shares with his father, the exiled Count Anton. For these reasons, Khemael's sense of adventure has continued unchecked for too long.

Amidst unrest amongst the more fearful humans south of the river and disparity in the world of the goblins,messages come from Anton who travels in the north. A different kind of invader than those they have encountered before moves towards the city. A tribal people, close akin to Anton's people, seek better climate and food supplies than the cold north has provided for several generations. They are moving south.

Alaric's rule and the uneasy peace of the world balancing between human and goblin faces a very different peril than a generation ago when they faced foreign invaders. The nomads are kin, but they will not be returning to lands of their own. There are too many to assimilate into the feudal civilisation that Alaric's ancestors forged from devastation. Whatever happens, the impending incursion would bring change to their people... and Khemael's innocent flights in the world above threaten to bring the danger to the caverns of the goblins.